About Us


Hi, my name is Khrystyn, the creator & owner of The Daily Moca. I am from Seattle, WA, but have enjoyed the sunshine in Orange County, CA, with my husband, Angelo, for the past seven years.

Growing up, I have always loved dogs and hoped to have one of my own. In 2015, that dream came true. We brought home a two-month-old labradoodle and named him Moca. 

I had been wanting to get back into sewing for quite some time, so I found a used industrial sewing machine off craigslist. I started experimenting right away with different patterns of bandanas so that they would fit properly on Moca. Structured and well-fit apparel has been important to me as a fashion designer for the past decade, and I want to model that same concept to my pup.

The Daily Moca was a creative project that accidentally turned into a business I never intended to have. Since then, I brought home another pup, a sheepadoodle named Bruno, and have spent many late nights and weekends sending dog bandanas to all dog lovers who feel the same way I do.

As you browse through our selections, we hope you find something you love for you and your pup! We also hope we leave you smiling as you get on with your day. Thank you for stopping by.